About Me

You’ve fallen down another Internet rabbit hole, haven’t you? You’re looking for something about computers, or Linux maybe, huh? Maybe you just want an idea about a project to try, or maybe you want to see some strange guy on the Internet’s ramblings about the state of software engineering. Either way, friend, you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Phil and I’m a computer engineer. I’ve been working with computers since before Y2K and focusing on software engineering since shortly there after. By day, I write and maintain software for a pretty major company but in my free time, I like to work on projects that are a little more interesting to me. My job lets me work pretty low in the computer, so I’m very comfortable writing C – and you’ll probably see a lot of my projects using that as my primary language. I’ve recently decided to pick up Python as a second language which has been an interesting challenge because it’s so far removed from the bits and bytes. I also use Linux as my daily driver (currently Linux Mint), so that’s another recurring theme I’m sure you’ll pick up on. When it comes to Linux, I generally prefer Debian based distributions – but I by no means buy into the distro wars. As a matter of fact, I really don’t get caught up in any OS wars any more. I’ve used Windows ( Win ’95 – Win7), Mac OS X, IRIX, VxWorks, Solaris and more Linux distros than I can count – and they’re all terrible.

So why am I here? Well, I’ve learned a lot about computers and Linux through my own hobbies and through professional experience and I’d like to give back to Internet. I’ve always wanted to help other hobbyist and engineers experience the thrill of hacking code or building something cool – so that’s what I’m hoping this blog will do. I’d like to make this place a reference for those who want to find the answers that I’ve found the hard way and I want it to entertain and inspire those that are just looking around the net for a project to take on. So, read the blog, tell me what you think and may your code and computers always remain bug free!


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